BENATURAL HEALTHCARE is a global integrated pharmaceutical company offering a wide range of products and services to our customers across geographies.

We are dealing in Specialty Pharmaceuticals, Contract manufacturing of sterile Injectables and Non-sterile Products and Generics & have Trade tie-ups with 12 highly facilitate manufacturing unit all over India.

We have two manufacturing partners (Pharmer & Pharminox Laboratories) in North India, Himachal Pradesh (Baddi) coupled with Research and Development team. The Moto of our company is Design, Synthesis and Development


Strong management team with diverse pharmaceutical backgrounds and customer service orientation. Extensive experience in managing complex and technically challenging projects


Pharminox Laboratories is an integrated contract manufacturer of Non beta Sterile

injectables (Dry/ Liquid), Non beta Tablets and Capsules.

  • Leading contract manufacturer of Clinical to Commercial Sterile injectables.
  • Serving global leaders in pharmaceutical industries.
  • Offering key services including full testing, regulatory support, customize secondary
  • packaging and stability.


(Capacities) per Month


  • 100% panel work 360 degree 20,000 sq. ft.
  • 100% area with epoxy flooring inside the building
  • Built as per WHO norms.

(All manufacturing facilities are based on PLC and are Automized.)


  • Pharminox Laboratories conforms to all local and National pharmaceutical bodies thereby providing pharmaceutical products of the highest quality. The plant design meets the World Health Organization (WHO) requirement and GMP standards which further ensures that all products are consistently produced and controlled according to quality standards.
  • QA department is well equipped with qualified persons & necessary equipment's.
  • QA is having valid systems with validated process.


  • Quality Control Laboratory’s determination comes from perseverance and a strong desire to contribute to the betterment of patient’s lives by high quality standards of finished products.
  • Quality Control Laboratory is equipped with latest sophisticated equipment's & machines. Such as HPLC, FTIR, UV, Dissolution apparatus, Disintegration test apparatus, Friability test apparatus, Stability chambers, muffle furnace & LOD oven etc.
  • QC Laboratories is consists of different sections; wet chemistry, Microbiology & Instrumentation section.
  • QC has stability chambers for stability studies.
  • Quality control department have separate well equipped microbiology section.
  • Microbiology section has separate AHU, sterility/ MLT testing facility with vertical and horizontal LAF, Bio-safety cabinet, Incubators and BOD incubator, separate autoclave (double door autoclave for sterilization and vertical autoclave for discard) etc.


  • Production is run on strict accordance with international and local quality management standards and systems.
  • The plant is having two different blocks: General Production Block( Tablet/ Capsule) & Sterile Block (Liquid & Dry powder injection)
  • Ground Floor: The Ground floor consists of warehouse for Raw & primary Pkg. materials with dispensing & sampling booth; well equipped Quality control department Having HPLC, FTIR, UV, Dissolution apparatus, Disintegration test apparatus, Friability test apparatus of different renowned make.
  • First Floor: The first floor consists of tablet & Capsule. Tablets Department is well spaced with three granulation stations, blending stations, two compression stations, Auto coater; the packing departments is well equipped with Blister machines, strip machines and Alu-Alu machine.
  • Second floor: The second floor is consists of sterile injection (Dry Powder and Liquid) manufacturing facility.
  • Third floor: The third floor consists of Quality Assurance department, Utility area Stability chamber room, Retention sample room & Engineering office.
  • Fourth floor: The fourth floor consist of Utility equipment such as Chiller compressor, Boiler , Purified water generation system & WFI (Multi column)
  • The manufacturing plant provide a intelligent building climate control system (HVAC) to protect product integrity.
  • Supplied clean air is filtered from initial filter, intermediate filter and terminal filtertion is through HEPA(0.3micron)
  • Sterile production area & HVAC system is completely separated from general production block.
  • PWS is having dedicated loop system for each floor.

Our Mission  

To become a global healtcare organization and to be recognized as domestic and internationally integrated healthcare company through Innovation, Quality and Competence. To enrich the life of fellow citizens by providing quality products and services at an affordable prices. Increase access to better and affordable dose formulation for patient and enjoy consistent success and growth.

Our Vision  

• Dedication to Quality and Excellence.  • Stable Manufacturing and Sustained Supply Chain.
 • Environment health and Safety Management System.  • Complete Customer Satisfaction.


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